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Stupid Bastard cover
Kick back sippin on a cold one
Just chillin out in the hot sun
When you stepped in front of me
And it was very plain to see

You're the girl that every guy dreams of
Make up, its not a must for everyone
You're living proof of that cause you've got none

I might not be the king of fashion
But I know that plastic girls with drawn on faces melt out in the sun
Yet I might be a stupid bastard
But I know that everyone, everybody needs someone like you

So I sat and watched you just walk by
Didn't have the balls to even say hi
'se-you might turn out to be a bitch
And that would ruin my image of this perfect girl that I've been dreamin of
So I sat and thought about you one last time
And how I'd love to have you by my side


---like you, like you,
everybody needs someone like you, like you, like you
'se everybody needs someone like you
This song was last modified on March 6th, 2022
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