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"Survivor" Sarki sözleri

Cindy Bullens

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Survivor cover
Ooh, he left me
Didn't even say goodbye
Wrote me a letter
I found it by my bedside

As I read it
Tears swelled up in my eyes
He said, baby, baby
Don't you realize that

You're a survivor
You'll work it out
And you'll carry on
You're a survivor, baby
Yeah, you're like a child
As the shades are drawn
As the shades are drawn

He wrote you can handle this life
Me, I'm not that strong
I need something else
For me to hold on

Well, I thought what makes him
Think that I, I have the answer
Oh, I'm just a dancer
I'm taking all the chances
Oh, I'm just a dancer

But he wrote

[Repeat CHORUS]

Well, sure my act is tough enough
When it's only when he's beside me
(When he's beside you, girl
Taking your heart to another world)

If you look good a little closer now
Well, it's a little girl inside me
(Little girl inside you) oh, oh

Baby, baby, come back
Can't you understand
I can't stop getting scared sometimes
Anymore than you can

You got to hang on
You got to hang on
Why can't we face it together
I'm gonna tell the ledger
That soon I'll be better
I'm gonna burn up the letter

Because now

[Repeat CHORUS]

We are survivors
Oh, baby, baby, baby
You're a survivor, baby, yeah...
This song was submitted on March 9th, 2017 and last modified on March 7th, 2022
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