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"Pinking Up" Sarki sözleri

Sheila Nicholls

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Pinking Up cover
the water's pinking up with the ink in your veins
air bubble now is creeping closer to your brain
the water in the vase simulated the soil
but you've been disconnected now for so long
although you think she's loyal
all your conclusions and all your truth's
are all delusions and TV spoofs
shame that those histories that you wrote
were one sided and presumptuous

justifying and holding on to something that is just not real
are you punishing the rest of us because you forgot how to feel
living in a mechanical world in an organic time,
where war is an old question to a new answer
you just can't seem to define
nope you can't get your head around it.
all your conclusions and all your truths
are all delusions and tv spoof
shame you weren't watching closer as a child
cos all the lies have gone unnoticed
This song was submitted on August 7th, 2011 and last modified on March 6th, 2022
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