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"Mama He's Crazy" Sarki sözleri

The Judds

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Mama He's Crazy cover
Mama...I found someone
Like you said would come along,
He's a sight, so unlike
Any man I've known...
I was afraid to let him in
'Cause I'm not the trustin' kind
But now I'm convinced
That he's heaven sent
And must be out of his mind

Mama, he's crazy
Crazy over me
And in my life is where he says
He always wants to be
I've never been so loved
He beats all I've ever seen
And mama, he's crazy
He's crazy over me

And Mama, you've always said,
"Better look before you leap"
Well maybe so, but here I go
lettin' my heart lead me
He thinks I hung the moon and the stars
I think he's a livin' dream
Well, there are men
But ones like him
Are few and far between

(Repeat Chorus)
This song was last modified on March 7th, 2022
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