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Primed for Time cover
Hey now!
Pulled up back of the parking lot
This ain't miss daisy now, look what I got
.357 and it's primed for time
I'm just 16 but I'm blowing like a wind chime

I get up, I go down
Guess you could say I'm from the wrong side of town
Tank commander in my neighborhood
Well read my lips is this understood

* it's your nervous breakdown
It's your teenage shakedown
Your nervous breakdown
(just one of those things)

I've seen all the movies on the late late show
Clint and schwarzenegger taught me all I know
So open up and hand the money here
This is the start of an illustrious career

I get up, I go to bed
I sleep good with a price on my head
I love the glamour the girls and the car
From lemonade to old courvoisier

* repeat


* repeat (without last line)
This song was submitted on December 15th, 2009 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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