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Valerio Scanu


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Valerio Scanu was born on April 10th, 1990, in the town of La Maddalena, the largest town in the archipelago of the same name, north of Sardinia, known for the beauty of the sea along its northeastern shore. From his parents, Tonino and Sonia, he inherited his passion and talent, his pleasant personality and quiet strength of character.

Having himself taken part with success in various contests and local festivals, surely Tonino passed on his passion and talent to his son.

Due to the involvement of his parents in local shows and exhibitions,
Valerio was nurtured and encouraged in his singing career from a very young age without having to leave his studies and, following the sage advice of his father,
acquired the basics of the trade and the control of his voice.

At the age of eight, during a small, local festival, someone
performed the title song from the movie "TITANIC", and during the discussion,
this small kid with a self-confidence exactly like his mother's, he declared,
"I sing it better than him! "

Someone challenged Valerio to sing amongst the assembly, so with his already confident and mischievous little smile, he went up on the stage. From that day on,
this little boy's confidence grew and he began receiving recognition and acclaim for his grown-up voice.

From small concerts to exhibitions in local places, he had his first successes in the north of Sardinia before being presented to "Bravo Bravissimo" in 2002.

Just before singing " Cambiare" from the deceased Alex Baroni, Mike Bongiorno, who had in person introduced Alex Baroni at San Remo, recommended that Valerio just do his best. Again, with that small, mischievous smile, the little boy with the grown-up voice took the audience by surprise, and Italy discovered for the first time the full-bodied richness of his voice.

Valerio was rediscovered during the television show "Note di Natale", conducted
by Vessichio.

Valerio continued singing with his father, on a local level, refining his voice and his vocal control, performing at regional contests and exhibitions during the summers in La Maddalena.

At 17, his passion for singing and music grew and along with it his lack of enthusiasm for his studies, which worried his parents. Under the pressure of his aunt, he went
to France, to take part in a casting for the French version of "American Idol"; however,
he was considered to be too young and was invited to return
the following year. Valerio was selected for another contest amongst known musical
producers in France, which he was forced to forego for family reasons.

On the request of Riccardo Cocciante, he auditioned for "Romeo and Juliet",
but still considered to be too young, he was rejected at the final casting.

Valerio then auditioned for "X-factor"', and having made it to the final selection, he was rejected by Mara Maionchi, who, again, considered him to be too young. However, a passion has to be lived and with the new season of Amici 2009, Valerio made the final cut and was admitted to the school/reality show.

On March 24, 2009, Valerio's dreams came true. He placed second in the grand finale, however, he was discovered by the famous recording company, EMI, and on April 3rd, was signed to his first recording contract and released his first album, "Sentimento", the day of his 19th birthday.

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