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"Bullshit" Lyrics

Vee Tha Rula

[Verse 1: Vee Tha Rula]
Wake up every morning for the bank role
Ye ain't got it then I can't go
All about my cheese, my nigga can't so
Chillins get this money, nigga pay so
Swear I just talk to Cam , sure let's get it pop it
Nigga hit me up and told me somebody done shot him
Got the club goin' up cuz we started from the bottom
R.I.P. my nigga can somebody pop a bottle
Now the Rozay poppin' I'mma pour it on the model
Let's have a pool party, get the bitches in the ___?
Lil nigga with a forty since a youngin' been a problem
Ain't have no roll model so who you think done taught him
In the streets we racin', racin'
And nigga be patient, patient
And these others nigga hatin', hatin'
Cuz the paper I'm chasin', chasin'
Nigga woooaaah

[Hook: Vee Tha Rula]
Life too short for the bullshit, for the bullshit nigga x 4
Life too short for a bullshit
Life too short x 4
Life too short for the bullshit
For the bullshit nigga

[Verse 2: Vee Tha Rula]
Sweatin' for the money like I can't stop
In some slippers and a tank top
Nigga I was hurtin' for it hopin' that the pay start
Thirsty for the world, I feel the rain drop
___? Like how the fuck I'm supposed to balance
Nobody said this easy man you know this shit's a challenge
And you chopping at the shots and nigga try to build a palace
Smokin' on Jamaican nigga til my eyes is callused
Yeah I'm smokin' on jamaican, 'maican
Dressed like, like a Haitian, Haitian
Chasin' paper like a mason, mason
Livin' life that's amazin', amazin'
Nigga woooaaah
And nigga ride dolo
Man I swear the popo tryna' take a nigga photo
And these niggas won't beaf
Yeah these nigga's cowboy nigga Tony Romo

[Hook: Vee Tha Rula]

[Verse 3: Kevin Gates:]
(I don't get tired)
Dirty glove murders for a ___?
With a burner for curneis, for who ever hold the feelings
If she want it more
Money to the ceilin' illegitimately dealin'
Made a killin' with the killers
Paper peelin' like the clerk of courts
Prison yards I'm a dog where you never walked
They go to yard, never talk , later take the skills
Homicide reinforced, we don't know remorse
Worst place to get caught slippin' is the car
50 round extensions stick em', hit em' with the darts
Headlights on the charger, there go the narcs
Superman in disguise, just another cop
Spittin' up a lot a blood when you go to cough
Crime scene, yellow tape, man, there go the chalk
Lime green, ___? bumpin' Biggie Smalls
I'm a ball till' I fall
This song was submitted on February 11th, 2016.
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