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Vince Chinaski

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AboutWho would have ever imagined his ramblings would take him as far as Scandinavia. Growing up in Rome was quite the adventure; lots of fun and challenges as a young punk in that colossus of a city, overflowing with heritage, wacky traffic and nuns. His ramshackle Vespa was always in need of repairs, as was the gear of the indie bands he founded or joined up (i.e. Radiobuzz, Technicolor, Mathilda Mothers).
In the mid '00s Berlin called and he answered. Embraced the ultimate european frontier, Vince joined more bands (The Man No. 9 / Haute Areal, The Innits / Sunday Service Records), Zürich- based Division Kent / Sony BMG), toured extensively across Europe, produced and DJed (how can you not?) as Tanzfaster. Pushing further north, he settled in Copenhagen and kicked off his solo project Vince Chinaski.
All these multilateral influences merged and flowed naturally into Vince's musical style.
Singles such as "She Comes in Colours", "Never Painted Black" and "Unconditional Love" were greeted enthusiastically by the international press and garnered glowing reviews and playlist placements around the world.

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Vince Chinaski - Opportunities
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Vince Chinaski

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