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GenreR&B, Rap, Hip-Hop
AboutVitaa (real name Charlotte Gonin) is a French R&B singer, born on March 14, 1983 in Mulhouse, France. Her mother was Italian so she had the Mediterranean touch. She started her career with a duet with the rapper Dadoo. In 2002, she met Diam's. Her first solo single, "Ma Sœur", appeared on a R&B compilation. In 2006, she was Diam's backing vocalist & together, they released the duet "Confessions Nocturnes", from Diam's' album Dans Ma Bulle. The following year, Vitaa released her first album À Fleur De Toi, being a great lyricist & touching the audience. In December 2009, her second album Celle Que Je Vois came out & the first single "Une Fille Pas Comme Les Autres" was aired on radios. On July 24, 2011, her son Liham was born.

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