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Wael Kfoury

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AboutBorn in "Hawch El Oumara", near Zahlé, Bekaa, Lebanon, on September 15th, 1974 to Emile Kfoury and Hoda Charbel, Michel Kfoury realized early his love and passion for music. This became his life's dream. Years later, Waël Kfoury the star was born. He was given many titles among them: "Prince of romance" and "Prince of the romantic song". Waël studied music at University of Kaslik. In 1992 he participated in the most popular and successful Lebanese talent show back then "Studio El Fan" (Studio of Art) and won the gold medal. "Ma waa'dtek bi njoum el leil" (I didn't promise you the stars of the night) was his first song and became an immediate hit. In 1996, duty called! Waël was drafted to military service where he served for 2 years. This didn't stop him from singing his country and his tremendous love for Lebanon. The result was 3 incredible albums. Between 1999 and 2005 Waël released 5 albums produced simultaneously by "Music Box International" and "Rotana". His stardom and popularity did not go unnoticed by the art community nor by advertisers. In 2006, Waël filmed an ad for "Mayers Interprises" and became the spokesperson for their line of watches. In 2007, he filmed an ad for "Pepsi", part of their "Bahr El Noujoum" (Sea of Stars) campaign. Waël was a guest in many popular Lebanese shows like "Star Academy", "Miss Lebanon", "Top 20", "Maa Hobbi" and others. The art community rewarded Waël throughout the years with 5 of the 8 "Murex D'Or" awards ever handed out, as well as many honors from various organizations in Lebanon and abroad. 14 years, hundreds of songs, 17 video clips, 2 ads, tours to Australia, Canada, The Americas, Tunisia, Jordan, Damascus, and mainly Lebanon, Waël Kfoury considers himself at the beginning of his journey; his passion for music is still burning more than ever.

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Wael Kfoury

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