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"Cowboy Songs" Album Lyrics

Wilf Carter

Disc 1 Tracklist
01My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby
02The Capture of Albert Johnson
03The Hobo's Blues
04Twilight on the Prairie
05The Roundup in the Fall
06A Cowboy's Best Friend Is His Pony
07He Rode the Strawberry Roan
08Little Silver Haired Sweetheart of Mine
09Take Me Back to Old Montana
10Sway Back Pinto Pete
11The Yodelling Trailrider
12Cowboy Don't Forget Your Mother
13Cowboy Blues
14The Smoke Went Up the Chimney Just the Same
15Moonlight Prison Blues
16Prairie Blues
17Down the Old Cattle Trail
18I Miss My Swiss
19The Cowboy's High Toned Dance
20The Hobo's Dream of Heaven
21My Little Swiss and Me
22Lover's Lullaby Yodel
Disc 2 Tracklist
01Awaiting the Chair [#]
02The Life and Death of John Dillinger
03The Cowhand's Guiding Star
04The Hobo's Song to the Mounties
05By the Silvery Moonlight Trail
06The Dying Mother's Prayer
07I Long for Old Wyoming
08How My Yodelling Days Began
09I'm Hittin' the Trail
10Lonesome for My Baby Tonight
11I'm Gonna Ride to Heaven on a Streamlined Train
12Sundown Blues
13Cowboy Lullaby
14Yodelling Hillbilly
15Two-Gun Cowboy
16Hillbilly Valley [#]
17Returning to My Old Prairie Home
18Pete Knight, The King of the Cowboys
19Cowboy's Mother
20The Calgary Roundup
21Trail to Home Sweet Home
22My Blues Have Turned to Sunshine
23Dear Old Daddy of Mine
24My Little Grey Haired Mother in the West
25A Little Log Shack I Can Always Call My Home
Disc 3 Tracklist
01Rescue from the Moose River Gold Mine
02Keep Smiling Old Pal
03Don't Let Me Down Old Pal
04Won't You Be the Same Old Pal
05The Last Ride Down Lariat Trail
06Rose of My Heart
07Memories of My Grey Haired Mother in the West
08Broken Down Cowboy
09That Tumbledown Shack by the Trail
10Covered Wagon Headed West
11Midnight, The Unconquered Outlaw
12The Fate of Old Strawberry Roan
13The Cowboy's Wedding in May
14Sweetheart of My Childhood Days
15Ridin' a Maverick
16There'll Be No Blues Up Yonder
17Goodbye Little Pal of My Dreams
18I Loved Her Till She Done Me Wrong
19Under the Light of the Texas Moon
20I'm Still Waiting for You
21Longing for My Mississippi Home
22Old Alberta Plains
23The Cowboy's Heavenly Dream
24My Old Montana Blues (My Old Montana Blues)
25Why Did I Ever Start Roaming (Roaming My Whole Life Away)
Disc 4 Tracklist
01The Hobo's Yodel
02The Yodelling Cowgirl
03The Fate of Sunset Trail
04Prairie Sunset
05I Just Can't Forget You Old Pal
06Roundup Time in Heaven
07Put My Little Shoes Away
08When the Bright Prairie Moon Is Rolling By
09Roll on Dreamy Texas Moon
10The Old Barn Dance
11Dreamy Prairie Moon
12Roundup Time in Sunny Old Alberta
13Roll Along Moonlight Yodel
14My Faithful Old Pinto Pal
15The Preacher and the Cowboy
16When the Sun Says Good-Night to the Prairie
17Where Is My (Wandering) Boy Tonight
18There's a Love-Knot in My Lariat
19My Little Yoho Lady lyrics
Wilf Carter
20How My Yodelling Days Began
21Answer to 'My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby'
22The Hindenburg Disaster
Disc 5 Tracklist
01Pete Knight's Last Ride
02I Wish I Had Never Seen Sunshine
03Everybody's Been Some Mother's Darling
04You'll Always Be Mine in My Dreams
05Dusty Trails
06By the Grave of Nobody's Darling
07What a Friend We Have in Mother
08Martins and McCoys/Nobody's Darling But Mine/Yodelling Hillbilly
09The Little Red Patch on the Seat of My Trousers
10Golden Memories of Mother and Dad
11My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down
12Down the Yodelling Trail at Twilight
13I'm Only a Dude in Cowboy Clothes
14My Lulu
15Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
16I'm Hittin' the Trail
17The Little Red Patch on the Seat of My Trousers
18We'll Meet Again in Peaceful Valley
19My Brown Eyed Prairie Rose
20I'll Meet You at the Roundup in the Spring
21Dawn on the Prairie
22My Yodelling Sweetheart
23Yodelling Memories
24Cowboy's Airplane Ride
25Memories of My Little Old Log Shack
26My Last Old Yodel Song
Disc 6 Tracklist
01My Yodelling Days Are Through
02Headin' for That Land of Gold
03Wilf Carter Blues
04Golden Lariat
05A Cowboy Who Never Returned
06When It's Twilight Over Texas
07My Only Romance Is Memories of You
08When I Say Hello to the Rockies
09When I Bid the Prairie Goodbye
10My Dreams Came True
11You Left Your Brand on My Heart
12Yodelling Love Call
13It Makes No Difference Now
14What Difference Does It Make?
15Answer to It Makes No Difference Now
16Roll Along, Kentucky Moon
17Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/Birmingham Jail/Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
18Red River Valley Blues
19When the White Azaleas Start Blooming
20My Ramblin' Days Are Through
21I Still Think of You, Sweet Nellie Dean
22He Left the One Who Loved Him for Another
23When It's Roll-Call in the Bunkhouse
24My True and Earnest Prayer
25Beautiful Girl of the Prairie
26It's All Over Now (I Won't Worry)
Disc 7 Tracklist
01Rattlin' Cannonball
02My Old Canadian Home
03I'll Get Mine Bye and Bye
04Dad's Little Texas Lad
06What a Wonderful Mother of Mine
07You Are My Sunshine
08My Texas Sweetheart
09Echoing Hills Yodel Back to Me
10You Were With Me in the Waltz of My Dreams
11When That Somebody Else Were You
12My Missoula Valley Moon
13Old Chuck Wagon
14It's a Cowboy's Night to Howl
15Back Ridin' Old Trails Again
16Let's Go Back to the Bible
17Why Should I Feel Sorry for You Now
18I Bought a Rock for a Rocky Mountain Gal
19It's Great to Be Back in the Saddle Again
20If You Don't Really Care
Disc 8 Tracklist
01Why Did We Ever Part?
02La Verne, My Brown Eyed Rose
03The Last Letter
04Ride for the Open Range
05Call of the Range
06Streamlined Yodel Song
07My Old Lasso Is Headed Straight for You
08Memories That Never Die
09I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
10The Prisoner's Song
11I May Be Wrong
12Old Buddies
13Sweetheart's Farewell
14Sittin' by the Old Corral
15I'll Always Keep Smiling for You
16That First Love of Mine
17Waiting for a Train
18West of Rainbow Trail
19Yodelling My Babies to Sleep
20Just One More Ride
21Rescue from the Moose River Gold Mine [Take 2]
This album was submitted on March 24th, 2011.

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