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Riding something butter soft
Interior smoked out
See you try to budget yours me?
I don't care what it costs
Blowing hella cake I'm switching states
To get my numbers off
Spin the parking lot and fuck the
Finest thing I come across
Phone full of missed calls
Keep some bitches on my line
Conscious with my conversation
Caking is my occupation
Keep them 'rillos rolling up
Filled to the tipple
Good weed and I blow it by the zip
I'm in my whip
Riding weed and switching lanes
Cruising to my newest shit
Hoes been acting funny so I'm
Fucking with my newest bitch
Everything designer on
Diamonds look like Lemonheads
On the beach with foreign freaks
You tricking with them chickenheads?
Gotta get my bread
(bread) so I hardly sleep at night
I do a show to studio
I'm just in time to catch a flight
Young but I'm paid
It comes from grinding everyday
And having patience
Blowing Master Kush in my spaceship

Cruising with my hat back, tat tat tatted up
Gucci on my loafers
Getting chauffeured now my status up
Paid to cost, I'm the thinnest boss
Fuck them other guys
Blowing weed I'm never sober
You can't tell me otherwise
Name well known, ranked at the top
Bad bitch in every city
Big face on the watch
Kush on my clothes, big bank in my knot
Smoke a hundred cigarillos
Pullin straight up out a pillow
Now I'm eating
Staplin in cases for my pillows
To my city I'm a prince so I sit behind tints
Mad I found an avenue to get my revenue
I'm with a model bitch cheifing
In a tailor made suit taylor Gang president
Heavy hustle under boss
In my car blowing smoke signals out the roof
Money conversation talking paper then
Come fuck with me
I'm in the air, that's why you look up to me
You know?
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AddedFebruary 23rd, 2023
Last updatedFebruary 24th, 2023
AboutCertainly! "Like a Star" is a song by American rapper Wiz Khalifa, released in 2023 as a standalone single. The song was produced by the American record producer Harry Fraud.

The lyrics of "Like a Star" are about the luxurious lifestyle that Wiz Khalifa enjoys as a successful musician. He raps about driving expensive cars, wearing designer clothes, and living in luxury homes. The song also touches on themes of success, fame, and the hard work it takes to achieve one's goals.

Musically, "Like a Star" is a chill, laid-back track with a slow tempo and smooth beats. The production features jazzy piano chords and a relaxed bassline, creating a mellow atmosphere that complements Wiz Khalifa's relaxed flow. The song also features a sample from the late rapper and producer MF DOOM, adding to its chilled-out vibe.

Overall, "Like a Star" is a song that celebrates success and the rewards of hard work. It has a relaxed, mellow feel that makes it a great choice for kicking back and enjoying the fruits of one's labor.

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