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"Get Off My" Lyrics

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The definition of love is an intense feeling of deep affection
But, many others have they own saying on what love truly is
So my question is, in your own words
What is love to you exactly?
What is love to me
That's a really hard one but
Love is understanding someone's flaws and embracing them
I don't exactly know what it is right now but
Love is kinda like an extension of yourself that you share with others to a certain point
Really seeing through all that life has put them through and admiring them for sticking through it all
You know love is two people who commit to each other deeply
I think love is about caring for someone deeply and unconditionally
Love can be a whirlwind, or a rollercoaster at times
Love is the excitement of hearing their voice or swooning over their eyes
There's still able to see, just the, you know the good in each other
I think I'm still figuring that out
To me, love is acknowledging that you're not the only person in the world
Love is falling asleep to the beat of their heart and feeling like you are finally safe in the world
Also just growing and having patience with one another
I think, I really think that's what love is all about
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Copyright ©DistroKid
WriterPatrick Surban
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AddedSeptember 29th, 2022
Last updatedSeptember 29th, 2022

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