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Yukmouth (born Jerold Dwight Ellis, II October 18, 1974 in Oakland, California), is a rapper from East Oakland, California. He is a member of the platinum-selling rap duo Luniz along with Numskull. The Luniz recorded the successful weed anthem, 'I Got 5 on It' which helped propel their album to platinum certification. He went on to sign a solo record deal at J-Prince's Rap-A-Lot Records, releasing three albums, each selling at least 200,000 copies with little airplay. Under his own label, Smoke-A-Lot Records, he has released the DVDs, and their soundtracks, United Ghettos of America, Vols. 1 and 2. He is also a member of the groups Thug Lordz, with C-Bo and The Regime. Yukmouth has long been a staple in Oakland rap and has worked with numerous artists including Tech N9ne, Mac Dre, Lil' Flip, E-40, Dru Down, Juelz Santana, Shock G, Kurupt, Ray J and Bun B among countless others.


Yukmouth's popularity does continue beyond the Bay Area with his recent music video for his song "Neck Straight". The video was filmed in South Los Angeles in the summer of 2006 with San Francisco based rapper Killa Klump. The Neck Straight music video was created by Marques Owens and Shannon W. Rawls of Los Angeles based Cinema Hill Motion Picture Company and depicts Yukmouth and Killa Klump selling narcotics disguised as fruit until the LAPD ends the operation and apprehends the rappers. The video received top honors on You Tube and received frequent airplay on the broadband video channel MTV Overdrive, propelling Yukmouth's reputation in the independent/underground Hip-Hop community.

Smoke-A-Lot Records

Yukmouth is also C.E.O. of Smoke-A-Lot Records which is distributed by Rap-A-Lot Records. The label is home to established artists such as The Luniz, Dru Down, Thug Lordz (Yukmouth & C-Bo), The Regime, and Yukmouth himself. It is also home to new comers Ampichino, Nyce, Young Dru, and Marc Shyst. Attached to the label as In-House DJ is former Cali Untouchable DJ, DJ Fingaz.

Godzilla Entertainment

Yukmouth also founded and is owner of Godzilla Entertainment. The label is operated by Yukmouth and his manager, Kat Gaynor. It currently manufactures and distributes Yukmouth and Smoke-A-Lot Records' own independent mixtapes
Too $hort

The Luniz had an early beef with fellow Oakland rapper Too $hort over a misunderstood lyric in one of The Luniz' songs. The artists later "squashed" their beef by appearing on a track together called "Funkin' Over Nothing." Yukmouth may be beefing with Too Short again, however, and mentions him (although not by name) On the track "Fuck Friends" from the United Ghettos of America Volume 1 CD.

Master P

Yukmouth's most famous and long lasting beef is with veteran rapper Master P. Yukmouth has claimed in numerous songs that he used to know Master P before either man became a famous rapper. According to Yukmouth, Master P had a different rapping style and was constantly laughed at by others. Yukmouth alleges that Master P "stole" or copied Yukmouth's style, along with his nickname "The Ice Cream Man" which later became the name of a Master P CD in 1996. While it is impossible to confirm whether Master P "stole" Yukmouth's style, Yukmouth did appear on a track recorded with fellow bay rapper Dru Down in 1994 called "The Ice Cream Man," and the Luniz released a different track with the same title in 1995 on their debut CD, Operation Stackola. Yukmouth has dissed Master P on every solo CD that he has recorded, along with both of the United Ghettos Of America CDs and all of his mixtapes


Yukmouth briefly had beef with Regime member Gonzoe over distribution of popular All Out War mixtapes, the beef was squashed before the third All Out War mixtape. Most say the beef stemmed from The Game saying Gonzoe was "riding Yukmouth's dick" referring to "bitch" in prison slang.


Yukmouth has had a few problems with artists signed to the Aftermath Entertainment, and specifically, with G-Unit. Yukmouth also had an ongoing feud with Spider Loc which began with an altercation at a L. A. Nightclub where he was jumped by Spider Loc and his entourage, one of whom managed to steal Yukmouth's chain. Yukmouth reclaimed his chain the very next day as a mutual friend intervened. Yukmouth disses Spider Loc in many songs such as "Aaaadadamean", "Get Wild" and "Playa Hata". In a recent interview, Yuk stated he and Spider ended the beef by way of a phone conversation they had.

The Game

Yukmouth first met The Game at a club stating he had a feud with 50 Cent. At the time Yukmouth was engaged in a feud with 50 Cent and G-Unit.[1] The Game released a diss track aimed at the rapper over the "I Got 5 on It" beat, a song which Yukmouth recorded when he was a part of The Luniz.[2] Yukmouth responded with a track that mocked The Game's appearance on Change of Heart. The two later tried to bury the hatchet, due to a personal friend and even recorded a song together, named "Peace". However the beef continued afterward, since The Game dissed Yukmouth on the 'Peace' song (they recorded their verses separately).[3] Since then, Yukmouth responded by releasing a free style music video over Fabolous' "Breathe" single in which it parodied The Game. In the video there is a look-a-like of the rapper getting robbed and beaten up. Yukmouth claimed on the song that The Game had a tongue ring and was slapped by mogul Suge Knight. Since the West Coast Peace Conference both rappers ended the feud.

Squashed Beef

In an interview at Yukmouth confirmed that he had ended his beef with numerous rappers.[4] Of these included Daz Dillinger, Young Buck, JT Tha Bigga Figga, and after 10 years of bad blood, Master P. Yukmouth claimed in the interview that "all beef is squashable".


Solo Albums

* Thugged Out: The Albulation (1999) - gold; #40 US, #8 R&B/Hip-Hop
* Thug Lord: The New Testament (2001); #71 US, #17 R&B/Hip-Hop
* United Ghettos of America Vol. 1 (2002); #37 R&B/Hip-Hop
* Godzilla (2003); #112 US, #21 R&B/Hip-Hop
* United Ghettos of America Vol. 2 (2004); #44 R&B/Hip-Hop
* Million Dollar Mixtape (Official Mixtape)
* The City Of Dope (Official Mixtape) (February 20th 2007)
* Million Dollar Mouthpiece (March 2007)

The Luniz

* Operation Stackola (1995) - platinum; #20 US, #1 R&B/Hip-Hop, #41 UK
* Lunitik Muzik (1997) - gold; #34 US, #8 R&B/Hip-Hop
* Silver and Black (2002); #53 R&B/Hip-Hop

The Regime

* All Out War vol.1 (2005) (prod. by DJ Fingaz)
* All Out War vol.2 (2005) (prod. by DJ Fingaz & Dow Jones)
* All Out War vol.3 (2006) (prod. by DJ Fingaz & DJ E-Rock)

Thug Lordz (With C-Bo)

* In Thugz We Trust (2004)
* In Thugz We Trust(Mixtape) (2005)
* Trilogy (With Spice 1 And C-Bo) (2006)

With Killa Klump

* I'm Good (Mixtape) (2006)
* Killa Thugs (2006)

With Messy Marv

* Messy Marv & Yukmouth Presents : 100 Racks (2006)


* Original Gangstas (1996)
* Mexican Blow (also released as Warrior) (2002) - The Midnight Sun
* T9X: The Tech N9ne Experience (2004)


Grammy Award nominations

Yukmouth has been nominated for one Grammy Awards but has not yet won an award as of 2006.

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