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AboutZazie (real name Isabelle de Truchis de Varennes) was born on April 18, 1964 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. She grew up with her father, an architect, & her mother, a music teacher. A good pupil, she got her Baccalauréat at 16. Then she started studying physiotherapy & turned to foreign languages. At the same time, she was a model.
But studying was not what Zazie loved, she wanted music. She played the violin during 10 years & also played the guitar. She started composing songs & went to many records companies, then signed to Philips (later Mercury France/Universal) & met Pascal Obispo. Her first album Je, Tu, Ils was a success & Zazie received a Victoire De La Musique in 1993 for "Female Revelation". Her career started & her second album Zen came out in 1995. It contained many hits : "Larsen", "Zen", "Un Point C'Est Toi" & "Homme Sweet Homme".
Zazie also participated to Les Enfoirés, Ensemble Contre Le Sida & Sol En Si. She wrote songs for many French-speaking artists, like Pascal Obispo of course.
In 2001, she released her fourth album La Zizanie & received a Victoire De La Musique for "Female Artist". In August 2002, Fabien Cahen & Zazie's daughter Lola Cahen was born. Zazie went on tour & her live album Ze Live came out in 2003. On France's Music Day in 2003, French Culture Minister Jean-Jacques Aillagon decorated Zazie "Chevalier Des Arts Et Des Lettres". She came back in late 2004 with her fifth studio album Rodéo, then she was back in 2007 with her album Totem, with beautiful lyrics & music. In 2010, she released 7, as a 49-track album in 7 EPs.

Writing and production credits
Pascal Obispo Un Jour Comme Aujourd'Hui (Epic/Sony)
Pascal Obispo Superflu (Epic/Sony)
Florent Pagny Savoir Aimer (Mercury)
Patricia Kaas Dans Ma Chair (Columbia/Sony Music)
Isabelle Boulay États D'Amour (Sidéral)
Jane Birkin À La Légère (Mercury)
Johnny Hallyday Ce Que Je Sais (Mercury)
Calogero Au Milieu Des Autres (Mercury France/Universal)
David Hallyday Un Paradis, Un Enfer (Mercury France/Universal)
Johnny Hallyday Sang Pour Sang (Mercury France/Universal)
Patricia Kaas Le Mot De Passe (Columbia/Sony Music)
Axel Bauer Personne N'Est Parfait (Mercury France/Universal)
Julie Zenatti Fragile (Columbia/Sony Music)
Olivia Ruiz J'Envoie Valser (Island / Mercury)
Cox Rien À Perdre (Mercury France/Universal)
Calogero 3 (Mercury France/Universal)
Johnny Hallyday Ma Vérité (Mercury France/Universal)
Fabien Cahen Marchands De Loups (Mercury France/Universal)
Calogero Pomme C (Mercury France/Universal)
Christophe Willem Inventaire (Disques Vogue/BMG)
Vincent Baguian Ce Soir, C'Est Moi Qui Fais La Fille (Mercury France/Universal)
Christophe Willem Caféine (Columbia/Sony Music)
Teoman İnsanlık Halleri (Avrupa Müzik)
Sophie-Tith Premières Rencontres (Universal/Polydor)
Alizée Blonde (Jive Epic)
Christophe Willem Paraît-Il ? (Jive Epic)
Hélène Ségara Tout Commence Aujourd'Hui (Smart)
Clément Verzi Clément Verzi (Mercury France/Universal)
Lilian Renaud Le Cœur Qui Cogne (Mercury France/Universal)
Christophe Willem Rio (Jive Epic)
Maëlle Maëlle (Mercury France/Universal)

Musical DVDs
Made In Live (Gilbert Namiand) - 2000 (recorded at Halles De Schaerbeek, Schaerbeek)
Ze Live!! (Bruno Sevaistre) - 2003 (recorded at Le Bataclan, Paris)
Rodéo Tour (Thierry Gautier, Sylvain Leduc) - 2006 (recorded at Forest National, Brussels)

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